Planting a seed in "Big Data" for a better tomorrow


Taipei, Taiwan


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US $3,000,000

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In MIGO, we believe that data is capable of changing the world. We create the perfect environment for the logical left-brainers to work with the free-spirited right brainers. 

MIGO was built by a group of data Scientists, IT developers, and marketing consultants who believe in big data and the better tomorrow it brings.
With the professionals in algorithm, our innovative prediction algorithm enables our clients to save more time on reading and analyzing the data for plotting critical marketing strategies 


A software application platform allows you to make actionable decisions based on real-time reports
DBullseye computes market oppotunities using a mixture of a brand's own transaction data to pinpoint high-quality customers, boost ROI up to 400% with your own data.





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Management Team


Tony Chen


Tony is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for creating a better tomorrow through software technology. He began his career at Siebel Systems, the global leader in CRM software, where he implemented CRM solutions for Fortune 500 companies in industries ranging from retail, healthcare, financial services and software technology.