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What services does Central Exchange provide?


Many of today’s fastest growing companies are staying private for longer, with the rise of unicorns that dominate the tech and startup scene. But the reality is that this rapid growth is largely inaccessible.


Through the Venture Investment service, Central Exchange provides a marketplace to buy and sell the private equity of some of the most coveted tech startups. For investors, this means that we open the door to otherwise inaccessible private companies. For shareholders, we provide the opportunity to liquidate before an IPO or sale of the company.


Central Exchange is also engaged in Venture M&A for companies looking to exit through a sale and those looking for strategic mergers. For enquiries regarding M&A, please contact us at The following FAQ addresses Venture Investment.


How does the process work?


  1. Register Online

  2. Discuss Objectives

  3. Review Opportunities

  4. Transfer Shares

  5. Close the Deal


When will the identity of the shareholder and investor be shared?

The identity of the shareholder and investor will only be exchanged after both parties have given their explicit consent.


Do I get access to information about the company?


Central Exchange does not provide detailed information that is not available from the company, as private companies are typically not required to disclose such information.


What fees do you charge?


Each side of the transaction incurs a fee of 1-10% of the transaction amount, paid to Central X Limited.


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