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Central Exchange's platform provides you with all the tools you need to get the funding you need.  From pitch to exit Central Exchange will be with you all the way.


Fundraising, especially during seed to pre-A round, is the most challenging yet highly critical, Which is why Central Exchange is here to help you find the right investor you need.

Professional Services

Central Exchange leverages its resources and experiences to provide you with a host of professional services such as PR, IR, share options management, advice and templates for terms sheets and other financial services.

Secondary Market

We provide a platform for shareholders like you to sell your private company shares to interested buyers.

How It Works

Create a Startup Profile
Your startup serves as a universal funding application accepted by all of our investors on Central Exchange's platform.
Share Documents Securely
Central Exchange securely stores the sensitive information that you provide to potential investors.
Best Match with the Right Investors
Central Exchange will take your data and do a best match with the right potential investors best suited for your startup.
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