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Apvera is a next generation threat intelligence platform that aims to enable organizations to deliver Insight into user behavioral usage patterns. We helps companies understand enterprise security by focusing on user interaction levels and relationships with services and applications that may be deemed a threat; ensuring compliance with IT policies. Apvera leverages analytics to anticipate and prevent security breaches by identifying irregularities in usage behavior.

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US $1,000,000

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Leverage Apvera Insight™ sensor technology to seamlessly monitor huge volumes of data for potential threats.
Analyze Behavioral Anomaly Detection
Draw upon sophisticated deep behavior anomaly detection and analytics to identify threats that bypass conventional defenses.
Accelerate and Automate Threat Mitigation
Apvera Insight™ translates into quicker, more informed responses to a wide range of security issues. Automated mitigation features through Apvera preventative sensor technology enables organizations to take action by swiftly shutting down potential threats.

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Management Team

Eric Meyer

CEO & Founder

Founded Nubefy and has received many distinguished awards for excellence in the his field.  Former Difector of Micosoft.